SMS Torrent offers you a range of specialized services that a regular web-to-SMS service will not. Some of these are listed below:


Single SMS

SMS Torrent provides you with a variety of options to get to enjoy cheap and flat rate sms to any GSM network of your choice in Nigeria. Signup to this service is entirely free. That means no registration fee, no monthly charge, no expiration date.

Bulk SMS

With our dedicated SMS sending engine, you can now deliver bulk SMS to as many receipients you want to. Within the tap of your fingers, you can have all your SMS delivered to the receipients.

Personalized SMS

The concept of personalized SMS sending has been made easier by our improved and user friendly solution. The added feature of phone (address) book, personalized sms can be sent to a wide range of receipeints. The phone book can always be created with several user groups and then the SMS be sent to the selected contacts from the phone book. The system prepares and sends customized messages to the indicated recepients within a few seconds.

Corporate SMS

SMSTorrent does provide Corporate businesses with the possibilities of sending corporate SMS to their clients or customers within the services of the GSM operators in Nigeria. We have interfaces and APIs which can be used by corporate bodies to access our great SMS sending resource. This service is always available on a 24/7 basis and delivered immediately on demand.

Online e-Recharge cards

soon, sms torrent will provide online sales of recharge cards to its customers. We will stock e-recharge cards from all the major GSM vendors in Nigeria in all denominations available.